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Here you'll find more information about our Graduation ceremonies. 



Graduation Class of 2021

Watch a recording of the Class of 2021 graduation ceremonies:

Tuesday 19 October, 10am Ceremony

Tuesday 19 October, 12pm Ceremony

Tuesday 19 October, 2pm Ceremony

Tuesday 19 October, 4pm Ceremony

Wednesday 20 October, 10am Ceremony

Wednesday 20 October, 12pm Ceremony

Wednesday 20 October, 2pm Ceremony

Wednesday 20 October, 4pm Ceremony

Thursday 21 October, 10am Ceremony

Thursday 21 October, 12pm Ceremony

Thursday 21 October, 2pm Ceremony

Thursday 21 October, 4pm Ceremony

Thursday 21 October, 7pm Ceremony

Friday 22 October, 10am Ceremony

Friday 22 October, 12pm Ceremony

Friday 22 October, 2pm Ceremony

Friday 22 October, 4pm Ceremony

Official name

Your degree certificate is a unique and important document. The name on your degree certificate should be the same as your full legal name (i.e. the name on your passport/birth certificate/driving license) at the time you were a student here. If the name on your degree certificate does not match your official name you can have problems in the future, particularly if you are trying to get your qualification recognised abroad.

It is your responsibility to make sure your official name is correct on MyRecord before you finish your studies. If there are middle names missing, or anything is mis-spelled, please email some official ID (passport, driving license etc) to Registry and we will update your record for you. Please make sure you have checked your name before the 1st September 2021.

Please note that once your certificate has been printed it will not be possible to change your name except in very exceptional circumstances.


Feel free to get in touch with us about any aspect of Graduation. Email us on graduation@winchester.ac.uk

Graduation Information

When will my ceremony be?

Graduation for the Class of 2021 will take place between 19 - 22 October 2021. The order of ceremonies can be found on our Graduation Ceremony Times October 2021


Am I eligible for graduation?

You will be eligible to attend the October 2021 graduation ceremonies if you have:

  • Formally completed your degree programme (i.e. received your final exam board letter confirming your degree) before 31 August 2021; and
  • Have no outstanding financial debts with the University, including with the library and multi-media centre, by 31 August 2021; and
  • Have completed a programme of study at Level 6 (Bachelor degree) or higher

Please note that CertHE and DipHE awardees are not eligible to attend graduation.

What happens if I cannot attend the ceremony?

In very exceptional circumstances you may be able to apply to defer your graduation until the next graduation. Please note that this will be decided on a case by case basis and we offer no guarantees that you will be able to defer.  Typically, deferment would be granted for things like ill-health, or death of a close relative, for example. If you wish to apply to defer your graduation please email graduation@winchester.ac.uk

*Please ensure that your home address is up to date via ‘My Record’.


The University takes the safety of our graduands, guests and staff very seriously.

If social distancing rules come in to force we may have to limit guest seating to ensure everyone is able to enjoy proceedings. You will be notified by email if this becomes necessary. Tickets are limited to two per graduand to ensure everyone is able to enjoy proceedings in a COVID-secure environment.

If social distancing requirements are still in force in October, then it is likely that we will expect all those attending graduation, graduands, guests and staff, to wear a mask when inside any venue, including the Cathedral. We may also recommend you wear your mask when queuing outside. We expect students to be able to remove their mask to process across the stage, and for official studio photographs, but masks may need to be worn the rest of the time. Please note that the Chancellor is likely to be wearing a face covering on stage. We may also require to see evidence of negative Covid tests prior to graduation.

Please be aware that the University will be continually guided by government regulations and Public Health England, and may have to change or cancel the ceremonies at short notice. We will notify you at the earliest opportunity of any changes or cancellations.

Tickets for October 2021 ceremonies


Each 2021 graduand who registers by the deadline is given the option to purchase two guest tickets for the October ceremonies.

Graduands do not need a ticket for their own Graduation ceremony. The guest ticket price goes towards the cost of holding the graduation ceremonies in the Cathedral. Guest tickets cost £10 each. Tickets for carers (evidence required) as well as children on laps are free. 

There are no guarantees that extra tickets will be available at your ceremony, so any travel arrangements made for family or friends beyond your two guaranteed tickets are at your own risk.

We will be in contact with all students at the end of September to confirm if we are able to release any extra tickets. This will depend on any social distancing requirements in force at the time. Extra tickets are not guaranteed.


You will need to purchase a guest ticket for any child over the age of 2. If you have any children under 2 you can request a ‘child-on-lap’ ticket. This is free of charge and would be in addition to any purchased tickets. All guests, including children and babies, will need to show a ticket to gain entry to the cathedral. Please be aware that children cannot sit with graduands, therefore all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult guest.

Please note that it is not possible to bring prams/pushchairs into the main body of the seating, as this is a fire safety hazard. There is a small area at the side when you first enter the cathedral for pushchairs and prams but please try and avoid bringing these if possible. Please note that it is not possible for children to sit with the graduands, they will need to stay with your guests.

Whilst we do welcome children to the cathedral, please be aware that the ceremonies can be quite long, usually up to an hour, and are not very exciting for young children. We kindly ask guests to take children outside if they are becoming restless/unhappy, to avoid disturbing the ceremony for other guests and graduands. Guests with young children may be asked to sit on the aisle near the back of the cathedral, so that they can easily take children outside if necessary.

Live stream

The ceremonies will be live-streamed on our website for friends and family to watch along from home.

The live-stream is provided for us via our film company, so whilst we will endeavour to provide an error free stream, the University accepts no liability if you are unable to access the live-stream or if there is interference or a break-up of footage.

The film company also sells high-quality edited footage of your graduation ceremony which is a lasting memory of your special day and something to share with friends and family who are unable to attend. DVDs can be ordered on the day or afterwards via their website.


You can purchase University branded gifts at any time on our Online Merchandise Store

What to wear

Graduation is a formal ceremony and you will need to be wearing academic robes to take part.  The University robes are a black gown with a hood of purple and ivory silk and a black mortar board.  The design of the Bachelor’s hoods are a different shape to the Master’s hoods, but both are purple and ivory. 

It is up to you what you wear with your gown, but we would recommend smart, formal clothes, a bit like you might wear to a wedding or a job interview (so no jeans, tracksuits or trainers).  Also, remember that Graduation is in October and you may well be queuing outside, so do check the weather forecast and come prepared for rain and/or cold weather.  Inside the Cathedral the floor is paved with old stones, and you will have to go up some shallow steps onto the stage then down again when you are presented for your degree, so make sure you are wearing shoes you can walk confidently in.

It is our tradition that mortar boards are not worn until after your degree has been presented, so you will be asked to remove these when you enter the Cathedral.  At the end of your ceremony you can put your mortar board on ready to process out as a graduate rather than a graduand.

Special requirements

Please let us know if you or your guests have any particular access requirements we should be aware of. There is an option to do this when you register for graduation or you can email graduation@winchester.ac.uk

There is a stair-free access route to the cathedral by the guest door, and a ramp onto the stage. Do let us know if you would like any assistance getting on/off the stage as the ushers are very willing to help.

There is a hearing loop in the cathedral and we can print the inner pages of the programme for the day in large print if this is requested at least two weeks in advance.

We can reserve aisle seats or seats near the exit if requested in advance.

Please be aware that reserved guest seating may still have a restricted view and is not necessarily near to the stage. Graduand reserved seating may mean that you are not sitting with your cohort, but the ushers will let you know when it is your time to go on stage so that you are presented in the correct order.

Graduation assistance fund

Each student who registers by the deadline is given the option to purchase two guest tickets. These cost £15 each.
There are no guarantees that extra tickets will be available at your ceremony, so any travel arrangements made for family or friends beyond your two guaranteed tickets are at your own risk.

Graduation is a special day which we want you to be able to enjoy. We work closely with our partners to try and keep costs down, but we are aware that for some students the cost of the gown and tickets might prevent them from attending.

The Graduation Assistance Fund covers the cost of gown hire and your guaranteed guest tickets (up to two). If your application is successful the University will arrange your gown hire and tickets directly, so please wait to book these until you have heard back from us. Please note that, if you request fewer than two guest tickets, the remaining money is not transferrable.

You can apply for the assistance fund if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You have received your graduation invitation
  • You don’t have any outstanding debts with the University
  • You have been assessed by Student Finance England as living in a low-income household (i.e. under £42,875) OR you are a Sanctuary Award student
  • You are contactable by email the week of the 6 September

To apply, please email graduation@winchester.ac.uk by the deadline of Monday 30 August.

Please make sure you include your student number on all communication with us.

You will be notified by Monday 6 September if your application has been successful or not. If we receive more applications than we can fund, winning applications will be picked at random from all eligible entries.

Please note that there are already graduation bursaries available for care leavers and estranged students, so these students are not eligible for the Graduation Assistance Fund. Please contact studentsandmoney@winchester.ac.uk to find out more.

Seating in the Cathedral

We love holding our graduation ceremonies in the Cathedral because there is a great sense of occasion being in such a magnificent and grand building. It also reflects our Christian heritage and our University value of Spirituality. The Cathedral is a beautiful building, but it was not designed for graduation ceremonies. There are lots of pillars which can block the view, and the nave is very long. However, monitors are provided throughout the Cathedral so that you can follow the proceedings on screen from most seats.

The seats are either wooden or plastic and can get uncomfortable which might be a consideration for some guests. Please note that food and drink is not allowed in the Cathedral, with the exception of bottled water.

Guests seats are not allocated, so we do advise guests to arrive early to have some choice in seats. The cathedral doors open one hour before the ceremony starts, but people will start queuing earlier than that time. Please be aware that the queue is outside the Cathedral so we recommend guests come prepared for bad weather.

As students you will sit separately from your guests. Graduands will be sat at the front section of the Cathedral, arranged alphabetically by programme. Your guests sit in the rear section of the Cathedral or down the north aisle (left hand side when you enter the cathedral through the main doors). We do have several screens throughout the seating areas, so that even if you can’t see the stage you should be able to see a screen to watch what is happening.

Travel and transport

We recommend using the Park and Ride service rather than trying to find somewhere to park in the city centre.  The Park and Ride busses stop just outside the Guildhall which is the only a short walk to the Cathedral (the stop is Broadway Guildhall if coming from St Catherine’s Park and Ride or St Johns, Broadway if coming from the South Park and Ride).  The car parks have plenty of space and it is only £3 for a car and up to 7 passengers.  Just be aware that the service can be very busy during peak times, particularly in the morning (7.30 – 8.45) so do allow plenty of time to wait for a bus.  Please note that the Park and Ride finishes at 7pm so if you are coming for an evening ceremony we recommend that you park in a city centre car park instead.

There is no disabled parking near the Cathedral, but we can arrange for a drop-off permit if you or your guests have difficulty walking.  This would allow a car to drive onto the gravel area near the Cathedral (by the William Walker pub) so there is only a short distance to walk. If you would like a drop-off permit please note this on the form when you register or email graduation@winchester.ac.uk

Traffic can get very busy in Winchester, particularly during peak times (7.30 – 9 in the morning and 4.30 – 6 in the evening).  This also affects bus routes, so arrival times may be later than timetabled.

The National Express buses drop off and pick up just by the Guildhall.  The train station is about 25 minutes’ walk away but you can jump on a bus or take a taxi if you don’t want to walk.


If your degree was awarded between September and May, you will receive your certificate in the post.  This will be sent to your home address as shown on MyRecord.  If your degree is awarded over the summer then you will receive your certificate at Graduation.  If you do not attend graduation, your certificate will be posted to your home address in November.  Please note that it can take six to eight weeks for your certificate to arrive through the post, particularly for international addresses.  If you still have not received your certificate eight weeks after award/graduation please contact graduation@winchester.ac.uk

If you have already received your certificate, you will not get another one at Graduation.  Instead, your certificate folder will have a congratulatory letter inside. 

We advise you not to post photographs of your degree certificate showing your name/degree information on social media as it can put you at risk of identity theft. 

If you need to confirm your degree before Graduation, e.g. if you are applying for another course, please contact graduation@winchester.ac.uk and we can write a letter for you explaining the situation.  You do also have access to your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) which is an official university document that details your awarded degree and lists all of your modules and grades.  This is accessible through the website www.gradintel.com  You will have been sent a username when you first started at University.  If you have forgotten this please email graduation@winchester.ac.uk and we will resend this to you.  You can securely share your HEAR with prospective employers or other institutions through the gradintel website.

Visa letters

If you or your guests are coming from overseas and require a visa to attend graduation, we can write a formal invitation letter in support of your visa application.  We will need to know full name, passport number and date of birth for each person who requires a visa.  If you would like one of these letters please email graduation@winchester.ac.uk

Please note that whilst we can provide these letters, there is no guarantee that you will be granted a visa.  We also cannot advise on visa matters. 

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